• Waste money on kits: Every disaster requires a different bucket or bag
  • Cheap and unreliable: Bags and buckets contain cheap and unreliable gear
  • Unorganized: Hard to find equipment you need in an emergency situation
  • False sense of security and preparedness: Buckets and bags make people believe they are safe and prepared when they really are not
  • Missing equipment: No real shelter, water filter system, waterproof solar charger or durable rescue gear for any disaster


Quick Pack Emergency Backpack
  • Based on 5 kit emergency system: Professionally designed kits that work together to survive any disaster
  • Evacuate in 60 seconds: Expertly designed for ease of use and rapid response  capabilities in 60 seconds or less; on the go
  • For your car, work, and travel: Small and compact
  • Warmth and shelter: Contains emergency signaling mylar sleeping bag
  • Professionally designed: First Responder, Law Enforcement, Military and CERT personnel contributed to the creation of our 5 kit emergency system
  • Ready for all disasters: Earthquake, Flood, Tornado, Hurricane, Tsunami, Wildfire
  • Store anywhere: Designed to be stored anywhere; safely store important documents and cash


Relying on local, state and federal assistance during a disaster could prove fatal. It’s up to you to take care of your loved ones and ensure their safety. Join the thousands of families who understand how precious family is and get prepared today!

There is no middle ground to being prepared. Either you are… or you’re not.


Quick Pack Emergency Backpack

Quick Pack

For You

72 hour plus emergency survival portable pack designed to administer simple first aid, food and water rations, warm shelter, emergency tools and more


Relief Pack Emergency Backpack

Relief Pack

For Others

Relief Packs are small packages of essential emergency supplies donated to those in need by caring citizens around the country and internationally, like you


Mobile Alpha Emergency Case

Alpha Case

For Your Vehicle

Designed to provide a sense of safety and security to even the most experienced drivers on American roads today, sustaining 2 people for at least 4 days based on our 5 kit emergency system.