How prepared are you if faced with natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or becoming victims of violent crimes? The world is constantly changing whether it be natural disasters, growing financial crises, world-wide insecurities, civil unrest, etc., all of which are increasing at an alarming rate.

It has never been a more important time for family and friends to come together, take action and have detailed conversations about disaster and survival preparedness planning.

It’s next to impossible to tackle everything all at once. Not all plans fit all people, begin by following simple and practical steps. You must understand what you’re preparing for and why you’re doing it.

Here are 5 reasons to contemplate as to why you should think about preparing:

    • Disaster planning prepares you with better knowledge of what to do in case of an event, as well as increased safety and security.
    • You will know when and how to react, giving you an advantage in every situation. Stay organized and know what your highest priorities are.
    • Be able to supply yourself and others with emergency food, water, weapons, gear and other necessary survival supplies.
    • Greater peace of mind with less stress in a crisis or disaster situation.
    • To ensure and provide the best possible outcome of safety and survivability for you and your loved ones.

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We as a society must start thinking differently on how we approach safety, security and preparedness to ensure we survive whatever obstacle we face. We must begin NOW and NOT AFTER the crisis has begun.

We must learn how to be self-sufficient. Families must learn to meet their basic survival needs without having to rely on public or private assistance.

One must ask themselves, how well as a society, a family, as individuals, can we adapt to our current environment? The phrase “survival of the fittest” will take on a whole new meaning.

Knowing you have prepared to the best of your ability and have a plan of action will make you that much more closer to surviving any type of natural or social disaster and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Every family has a dynamic. Everyone has an important or assigned role in the structure and makeup of the family. These roles inform each member of the family as to how to act, how to respond to others, and what is expected of them.

These roles help to determine the family’s general sense of health, happiness and stability. Communication is key in the dynamics of the family. Whether in times of natural or man-made disasters, we must learn to work together as a unit to ensure the family’s survival.

Here at Emergency Case we believe in educating and training individuals like you to be prepared for the unknown. Whether it’s the collapse of the government, an active shooter scenario or a home invasion, we want you to survive. This is why we are giving away our Emergency Case EC+ Plan and encouraging everyone to fill it out and have a plan.

Think of it this way… we purchase car insurance, life insurance, homeowner’s and renter’s insurance. Why would we not invest on the one’s we love the most by obtaining survival insurance?

In the end, everything we do, the reason we live, the reason we sacrifice so much is to honor and protect family. When a person has love, family, and respect, everything else is a bonus in life.